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Vinegar Book


 Introduction . . . page 1

Those Beneficial Microbes Called Probiotics . . . page 1

New Uses for Probiotics . . . page 3

How Others Make Vinegar from Scratch . . . page 3

Making Vinegar from Wine . . . page 5

How I make Vinegar and its Mother . . . page 7

Gluconobacter oxydans bacteria . . . page 11

The Vinegar Road to Health . . . page 13

Commercial Vinegar Production . . . page 15

D.C. Jarvis, MD . . . page 18    

Kombucha . . . page 18

Final Thoughts . . . page 20

 Addendum . . . page 33

 Vinegar and Its Mother has 33 pages.

Recent, 2020, Report

The following is our story that I have shared as much as possible lately, to hopefully help people cope with the current epidemic, as well as other health issues.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at patricia@savtah.ws

God bless and help you.--Patricia


Help for pathogen problems:

We use the mother of vinegar (which is also the kombucha SCOBY) for pathogen control and elimination. We used it successfully in Central America for dengue, elephantiasis, leishmaniasis, herpes and other ills, as well as to prevent infestation of the human botfly (dermatobia hominis) which is one of several species of flies, the larvae of which parasitise humans in addition to a wide range of other animals. See this:


We were in a place where we got these larvae infestations every week, but when we ate the mother of vinegar every day, the larvae would not grow in the four of us. We knew they were still getting into our skin, but the usual boil-like lesions did not develop. We would scrape the rather tough mother of vinegar with a sharp knife and mix the very small pieces with sugar or honey to take internally and/or put it on the diseased body part. We try to always have some mother of vinegar/honey mix on hand in a glass container to take when needed.

This is something anyone can do and use anywhere in the world. The mother of vinegar/kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) is a powerful probiotic and germ fighter.