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My TheraJewelry



Change the bad effects of electromagnetic pollution (from cell and cordless phones, cellphone towers, computers, fluorescent light bulbs, high tension electric transmission lines, microwaves, radio towers, smart meters, wireless internet transmission, televisions, etc.) by attracting it with antenna metals and elements (iron, copper, aluminum, silver) to this special gemstone jewelry which changes the harmful energy into the good energy gemstones release. 

A gemstone necklace strung with professional stringing wire of gold plated stainless steel covered by nylon and made with gemstones that contain the antenna elements, acts like an antenna for EMF.  This ElectroMagnetic Frequency radiation is all around us and is harmful in varying degrees.  Dr. Mercola at his site, www.mercola.com has a special section for this information.  It is http://emf.mercola.com.

This is one of his very good articles on EMF dangers.


Instead of being grounded, the radiation captured by the antenna metals in the necklace and the antenna elements in the gemstones goes through the gemstones, where it is changed to beneficial energy after passing through the crystal structure of strongly bonded molecules in the gemstones.  A practical way to prove this is by holding a cell phone that is turned on with your outstretched arm, then resist when someone stronger than you tries to push down your arm.  The contact with a cell phone will weaken a person.  Try it first, though, without holding or touching the cell phone to see and feel the difference.  Test yourself with a gemstone necklace (or my TheraJewelry) in a similar way, with the jewelry off and then after wearing it for a few minutes.  It makes one stronger because of the good energy it radiates.

Here's a little history.  Wilhelm Reich in the 1900s captured natural energy he called orgone with alternating layers of steel wool and fiberglass.  It gave people energy and helped them get well from different ills.  More information about Dr. Reich can be found at:


In our modern world, much of the energy in our environment is unnatural radiation from the sources mentioned above.  To still capture energy, but transmute the harmful radiation, people started to use gemstones to produce all good energy from whatever the metal attracted.  They called this mix orgonite.  My TheraJewelry can be called orgonite jewelry also for this reason.

This site has some good information about orgonite.


In a similar vein, my TheraJewelry can be likened to a Faraday shield.  A microwave oven is one type of Faraday cage.  No radiation can go out or come in.  A Faraday shield captures the radiation and does something to weaken or change it, even without being grounded.

This is a good chart about the hardness of different gemstones:


Look at the information at www.lessemf.com and www.electromagnetichealth.org also.

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These are some of my TheraJewelry creations.  Each one has two or more different gemstones.