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Vinegar and Its Mother


The Female Rejuvenation Exercise

by Patricia Humphreys, ND

Vinegar and Its Mother

explains how to make vinegar and the mother of vinegar and use them to recover from different ills.  Read all about how we used vinegar and its mother in Central America for many health problems, including flu, dengue fever, elephantiasis, leishmaniasis and other serious diseases.  The mother of vinegar is a jell that forms on the top of vinegar.  It is a collection of beneficial microbes that are probiotic, like those in yogurt and other traditional fermented foods.  Kombucha tea and its SCOBY are also explained.

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The Female Rejuvenation Exercise

explains how I modified an ancient method for birth control and rejuvenation for older women.  This is a breast massage done with the Kegel exercise.  It causes the woman's body to produce more of some female hormones.  These stop menstruation, but not ovulation.  It works for basically the same reason that breastfeeding stops menstruation.  The exercise only needs to be done before ovulation to stop the lining from being produced each month.  Instructions are given on how to keep track of the female cycle each month, so that even after menstruation is stopped, you will know when it is necessary to do the exercise every day.  It is done at least two times a day.  The extra female hormones produced from doing this exercise do wonders in rejuvenating older women and keeping us more youthful.

In addition to the helpful hormone production from doing this exercise, we can feel/experience extra energy in any place of the body that needs it, perhaps because of injury and/or illness, while doing the exercise.  This can be helped by concentrating on those areas while doing the exercise, but it also occurs naturally it seems, as our body directs this extra energy to where it is needed the most.
I find similarities to this help while using these ways of getting more natural energy:
+a far-infrared sauna,
+close contact with himalayan salt (when I lay on the floor of a local salt room on a cotton sheet) and
+grounding/earthing (laying on the ground on a cotton sheet, especially by a tree). 

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